Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gang Bang Fantasy posted by a couple

Gangbang Story from a real swinging couple:

My Fiance and I have been swingers for a couple years now, and into all kinds of fun, since we both agree that sex is just fun, and we don't let it interfere with our relationship. So it starts like this...We usually do things together, and with friends, but she was at work and feeling extra horny, and working at a A/C company, dicks aren't hard to come by. So it was a Saturday and they only work half days, and I was going to be home till that night, so she wasn't in any hurry to get home...She had to go out to the warehouse anyways to check on parts that came in for customers that will have to be ready for Monday. Well that is where all the techs usually hangout afterwards to shoot the shit before heading home. Well as a 5'10 blonde at 140 pounds and a body that makes me feel lucky everyday and not to mention the tits on her. Well with a body like that, it's nothing for the guys to be saying sexual things that would make the HR department cry. Well she started out by just brushing them off, not thinking anything of it, but she told me that she always had a crush on a couple of them and always thought about getting fucked in the warehouse bent over the A/C units..As she was about to leave they caught her with some clever conversation starters and told her to just hangout and relax before heading home...So after a few minutes of bullshit, it didn't take long to get to the topic of sex and her doing things to them...Well after awhile of it she was playing back and saying well only if you guys can satisfy me and aren't little dick fucker, because my man is hung at 9 inches (thanks I am) so it wouldn't be worth it to me..And well you know how guys react to that, oh I am this and I am that, so she flat out said prove it...So thats when things started, she said look I'll help get things started for y'all, and removed her top and victoria secrets bra and showed them her 36 DD perfect tits, I mean perfect, no sagging or anything. Well thats when the pants hit the ground (pant on the ground, pants on the ground) and lets just say that 5 out of the 8 guys there weren't joking around..She told me that those 5 were from 9 to 12 inches...guessing she said..and no they weren't all black, but yes three were, one white, and she said the last was something of a mexican, latino decent. Now for the other 3 guys, they were nothing to brag about, and almost something to laugh at, but she told them, I won't fuck you three, but I'll be nice and suck it..Then told the rest of them, you get to fuck me, since y'all didn't lie. Well since it was a spur of the moment, they didn't have condoms, but she fucked them and sucked them. She rode them, got bent over the box of a A/C unit like she wanted, even got DPed buy them. She took all 12 inches of the one guy. She blew the other guys like she told them she would...and the ones that got to fuck her, they filled her up with their cum, and they still fucked her for a good hour. Some guys came twice, and some will you know how it is, one time is all they can give. She got dressed and came home, and about 2 hours later I walked threw the door, and well me being a guy I wanted her as usual, and when I went down on her and saw the cum dripping out her still and her pussy all red and stretched still, I couldn't help but fuck her like a kid on prom night, and added my cum to the mix...Ever since then, I can't wait for her to do something like that again...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gang Bang

I will write about the one fantasy I know the most about since I have been putting together Gang Bang events for women for more than 10 years. Where and how this term was developed is still a mystery to me. I recently heard that Gang Bang comes from the requirement by gangs for girls to fuck the gang in order to be initiated but I think that must be a newer concept for the younger generation. Gang Bang probably comes from Gang Rape and it was somehow twisted and used for the consensual act of a woman being fucked by several men. I think a Train is also another term and in some cases a preferred way to act out the fantasy of being with multiple guys.

Anyway, in my years in organizing gangbangs (several hundreds of gangbangs at least) I can break down the women who want this into these categories:

  1. The woman in the swinging couple who is doing it mainly for the husband or boyfriend
  2. The submissive woman who is single or in a relationship that is interested in the sub factor
  3. The cheating woman
  4. Women who have been raped and need to re-live a "helpless" moment to gain control
  5. The average horny woman who just loves men
  6. Women who crave sexual attention because they lack this attention in their lives
Over the next posts, I will write about each of these women and my experiences with them.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to this blog

This blog is intended mainly to explore submissive fantasies by women. I am personally a very dominant man who has had the luck to meet and play with a number of submissive women in my life. And I though it would be interesting to record the experiences and the requests that I get from women that I meet.

I should mention that I have been in the "lifestyle" for more than 10 years and I am known in my circles for setting up sex events. Therefore, I get requests and stories from women from all around the world and although I can't accommodate everyone. I think some of the emails and requests are so fascinating that they are worth posting and writing about.

Some of the most common fantasies that I am requested to fulfill are:

  • Gang Bang
  • Group Sex
  • Sex Slave Fantasy
  • Rape Fantasies
  • Rough Sex
  • Whore/hooker fantasy
And these are just a few with many variations. And if you happen to be a woman who is looking to act something out or have acted out something similar in the past, send me an email and I will post it here.